The Best CBD Carrier Oil?

CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits

It doesn’t matter how prized your cargo is, if you can’t safely take it to the intended place, it becomes useless. The same logic applies to CBD as well. The prized cargo, the herbal life giver that has brought a smile to faces that haven’t smiled in a long time, can be left in a heap of wasted potential if it can’t reach to where it has to reach. The only way to do that is by using the right carrier oil.

Why Do You Need A Carrier Oil For CBD

CBD pure hemp oil is highly concentrated and extremely thick like honey. The trouble with it is the dosing and the ingestion by the users. What CBD manufacturers do is that they dilute the pure CBD oil with other liquids to make it easier to dose and make it more convenient. If you were to flip the CBD product over, you would be able to see the labeling that indicates the use of coconut, olive oil, avocado oil and others. But is there a superior carrier oil for CBD that not only makes it easy to consume and dose but enhances the properties of the CBD in itself? Let us find out…

The Perfect Carrier Oil

Now, CBD is derived from hemp and it would only make sense to use hemp seed oil as a carrier. You know, like and like go well together. But surprisingly that’s not the case as the CBD is fat soluble by nature. The perfect carrier oil would be one that has a high percentage of soluble fats in it; there is one that gives hemp seed oil a run for its money: MCT or medium-chain triglyceride oil.

The hemp seed oil has around 10-11% of soluble fats, whereas the MCT oil has a whopping 90% of soluble fats in it; a whole 80% more of soluble fats! Plus MCT is very much pleasant to taste and smell which is only another selling point.

The MCT in itself helps increase metabolism, slightly boosts the endurance during workout sessions and helps lose weight. When combined with CBD, it becomes the perfect sidekick to it with the MCT further boosting the plethora of potential CBD health benefits while making small contributions of its own!

The Final Note

The next time you head down to the local retail CBD store or browse online, check up on what the labelling says about the carrier oil being used. If MCT is in the mix, then be rest assured that your wellness game is going to be taken to a whole new level!