Hemp CBD Vs Marijuana CBD

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CBD has been ruling the pharmacies and local convenience stores for the past few years. Even though it is proved that the usage of CBD is good for human health, there are some CBD products that do not provide the expected benefits of CBD. This is because there are mainly two types of CBD. The difference is on the basis of the source of origin because CBD can be derived from two types of plants namely the hemp plant and the marijuana plant.

Basic Difference

Even though hemp and marijuana come under the same species of plant, there is a slight difference between the two, not only in the property but also in the appearance. Hemp CBD is obtained from the legally grown hemp plant which would be having only less than 1 percent of THC while the marijuana CBD, commonly known as THC CBD is derived from the illegally grown marijuana plant which would be having large deposits of THC. Even though both these elements have the same molecular structure, there are several features which differentiate between these two CBDs


One of the major differences between a hemp plant and a marijuana plant is the concentration of resin. Even though both these plants have resin in both the leaves and the buds, the level of the resin contained in these plants is different. Since the marijuana plant has a large source of resin compared to the hemp plant, the marijuana plant is the largest source of CBD.


Both the hemp and the marijuana plant are Phytoremedial plants or the plants which can absorb pollutants like chemicals from the soil. It is also one of the major problems faced by the CBD industry. It is evident that the best CBD products can only be produced from the hemp plant grown without the presence of chemical fertilizers and pesticides because if CBD is derived from other hemp plants, there will be a presence of such chemicals in the final product. In the other case, marijuana will have traces of several chemicals even if it is grown organically due to its extraction process.

Isolate and Full Spectrum

There will be no much difference between the isolate CBD extracted from both the plants because an isolate CBD is the purest form of such an element. But the full-spectrum CBD will have traces of several other elements like the chlorophyll and THC. Therefore, CBD derived from the marijuana plant will have a higher proportion of THC compared to the hemp CBD.

Since THC CBD is easier to extract and a cheaper source of CBD, many producers are selling their CBD products with such elements. Therefore, it is the duty of the consumer to find the hemp CBD product from the marketplace to obtain the required advantages.