Answering Questions on Legality of CBD in the US

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When the popularity of CBD keeps growing, people raise questions about its legality. The doubts about the legal status of CBD, hinders the growth of the CBD business and it is making the people in the business worried.

How Does the Federal Law Give an Explanation to CBD?

The plant Cannabis sativa has two forms and the federal government has identified the two which are hemp and marijuana. What makes hemp plant famous in the medicinal field is the high level of cannabidiol in it, which is used to treat medical illnesses. The compound tetrahydrocannabidiol(TCH) is present only in traces in the plant.

Marijuana is different from hemp due to the higher content of THC and lower levels of CBD in it. Marijuana has 30% and more THC content it while the CBD content in it is as less as 0.2 %. The compound that has intoxicating properties is THC and because CBD has minimal percentage of THC, there is no need to worry if it would be intoxicating.

The Federal Controlled Drug Substances Act enlists drug substances in five schedules according to the abuse potential of the drug. Before 2018, CBD and marijuana were included in the schedule I of the Federal Controlled Drug Substances Act. The Agriculture Improvement Act, which is, also known as the 2018 Farm Bill, was passed in 2018 and the act removed hemp CBD from the Federal Controlled Drug Substances list. It recognized hemp derived CBD as an agricultural product, provided the THC content is less than 0.3%. This led to the legalization of hemp derived CBD and there began the journey of CBD.

The farm bill only applies to CBD obtained from hemp plant and marijuana and marijuana-derived CBD is still a schedule I drug. The Farm Bill also sets regulations for farmers and one regulation makes it necessary that the hemp has to be grown by licensed producer if the CBD has to be considered legal.

Knowing CBD Laws of Different States

CBD is a legal product in the United States but the take of different states on the production and sale of CBD is slightly different. If you are a CBD user, it is important to understand the local cannabis laws in your state well. Several organizations like Marijuana Policy Project and National Conference on State Legislatures maintain databases that can give you a better idea about local CBD laws. If an up-to-date information is what you want, you may look up the criminal code of the state’s agriculture department.

Is There Any Need to Worry about the Legality of CBD?

There is absolutely no need to hesitate buying the best CBD products available, fearing if it would be illegal. Hemp derived CBD is without doubt legal in the US.