Answering Questions About Hemp Farming

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Hemp is a traditionally cultivated crop and its farming began before thousands of years, but the discovery of the potential therapeutic effects of CBD and its legalization took hemp farming to another level. Earlier, hemp was cultivated for its nutritious seed and fiber but now they are widely cultivated for extracting cannabidiol. Since CBD extraction is a newer application of hemp farming, people have several doubts about it and some of the common questions are addressed below.

What Makes Marijuana Different from Hemp?

It is true that marijuana and hemp belong to the cannabis family but only cannabidiol products obtained from hemp are legal in the US. The reason is the difference in the percentage content of the cannabinoid, THC in hemp and marijuana. The farm Bill that legalized hemp CBD defines hemp as the cannabis plant or its products containing less than 0.3% THC and marijuana plant has a THC level much higher than this limit.

Does Hemp Farming Require Special Equipments Different from Traditional Farming?

The farming equipments used to cultivate hemp are similar to the traditional framing equipments but hemp crop requires some additional settings. Hemp is an annual crop but many farmers have been cultivating it by adopting ways suiting perennial crops and vines.

What Soil Type and Topography Suits Hemp Farming Better?

It is relieving to know that hemp does not require the highest quality soil but compromising too much on soil quality might decrease the yield. Several conditions like location, soil moisture, and nutrient content are crucial in deciding the productivity of the hemp farm. Places away from the equator are ideal for hemp cultivation and the crop requires soils with good nutrient profile and water supply.

What is the Ideal Climatic Condition for Growing Hemp?

Temperate weather with hot summers and cold winters is found to be apt for hemp farming and the farm location should be out of the tropical regions.

What is the Growing Season and Harvest Period?

The farming season depends on the location of the farm and because it is a summer crop, the usual growing season is between June and early November. Places that are closer to poles will harvest hemp earlier than places away from the poles.

The potential benefits of CBD have encouraged more people to start CBD use, accelerating the growth of the industry. The progress is motivating many farmers to take up hemp cultivation and developing a clear idea about its requirements would help to boost their confidence.