Is CBD Helpful In Osteoporosis Treatment?

CBD For Osteoporosis
CBD For Osteoporosis
CBD For Osteoporosis
CBD For Osteoporosis

The literal meaning of osteoporosis is porous bones. It is a common bone condition that accelerates the imminence of a fracture by making the bones thinner. The loss of bone density is a primary cause of osteoporosis. It is estimated that more than 200 million people around the world are suffering from this disease. Women are more probable to be affected with osteoporosis than men.

CBD, a cannabinoid compound in the cannabis plant, is recommended for treating osteoporosis these days. Studies have found that CBD can help in bone healing and improving bone density; thereby managing osteoporosis very effectively. This article discusses the ways in which CBD helps manage osteoporosis.

CBD For Osteoporosis Management 

According to many researchers, CBD is capable of enhancing the endocannabinoid system of your body and also helpful in enhancing your bone strength. Studies showed that CBD enhances your bone strength by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system. If the production of natural endocannabinoids reduces, the endocannabinoid system will become weak.

Many studies conducted over the years have found evidence that suggests CBD as an effective treatment option for osteoporosis. Even though human studies are limited, studies conducted on animal models have shown positive results. The existing human studies also showed the ability of CBD in managing osteoporosis.

It was found that CBD could help in improving the underlying issues of this bone condition. Researchers are saying that CBD can improve the effects of neuropathy and high blood pressure in people with osteoporosis. It was also found that CBD is an effective remedy for managing stress and anxiety in people suffering from osteoporosis.

CBD Improves Bone Density

We have already discussed that loss of bone density is one of the main causes of osteoporosis. According to some recent studies, CBD can improve your bone density by enhancing the growth and strengthening your bones. This is done by accelerating the formation of osteoblasts. A recent animal study has found that a combination of CBD and THC could improve bone healing by stimulating Lysyl Hydroxylase, an enzyme involved in the healing of bones.

CBD Alleviates Pain

The danger of fractures is soaring in people with osteoporosis. That means, people suffering from osteoporosis often get fractured and this will cause severe pain. With the help of CBD, you can easily alleviate the pain caused by fractures. CBD has been used for alleviating pain for a long time. The anti-inflammatory trait possessed by CBD makes it effective in alleviating inflammatory pain.