A Complete Guide To CBD Spectrum Options

Organic CBD Oil
Organic CBD Oil
CBD Spectrum Options
CBD Spectrum Options

CBD is one product everyone is talking about, with its medicinal benefits growing increasingly famous. Cannabidiol is just one among the multiple compounds in cannabis plants that were traditionally famous for the therapeutic benefits they offer. Hemp is the cannabis plant that is used to make legal CBD products in the US, with the products coming in three different spectrum options, full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate.

This is a complete guide to the spectrum options in CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD

The term full spectrum is used to refer to hemp extract that contains the full range of beneficial phytochemicals like CBD and THC, which are active cannabinoids, terpenes, as well other cannabinoids etc. Take a note of the fact that full spectrum CBD contains the intoxicating compound THC but the percentage is maintained below 0.3% by sticking on to the rules set by the Federal Government.

As full spectrum CBD contains multiple phytochemicals, it creates the synergic impact termed to as entourage effect that amplifies the benefits of the plant.

The presence of THC in full spectrum CBD, although it is in minimal amounts can lead to a false positive drug test result. Hence full spectrum CBD is not recommended for people who take regular drug tests as part of their profession.

Broad Spectrum CBD

The ingredient profile of broad spectrum CBD is same as that of full spectrum CBD, with the only exception being the absence of THC. Not all will appreciate the presence of THC in their CBD product and some may find difficulties when it comes to drug testing because THC can cause a drug test failure. Broad spectrum CBD is the excellent choice for people who do not want their CBD product to contain THC.

Broad spectrum CBD can produce entourage effect as it contains multiple cannabinoid and terpenes. Special manufacturing processes that use techniques like chromatography is used to filter out THC from the full spectrum extract.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is undeniably the purest form of CBD as the compound is the exclusive content of CBD isolate. It comes in the form of white powder or solid white crystals and has about 99% CBD. Isolate can be taken as a standalone product or can be added to a variety of carriers.

When compared with full plant extracts, isolate requires more precision in dosage and the dosages are relatively high when compared to the two other spectrum options.

The choice of a spectrum option depends on the medical condition the person is treating, their lifestyle and body metabolism. Analyze the pros and cons of each spectrum option before choosing one.