Not All CBD Oils Are The Same

Famous CBD Users
Famous CBD Users
Hemp CBD Vs Cannabis CBD
Hemp CBD Vs Cannabis CBD

CBD from different sources have different attributes, some good and some bad. Most of the world has come to accept hemp derived CBD and there are plenty of suppliers and CBD hemp products available in the market to prove that. But marijuana derived CBD is still a grey area and still considered as a taboo subject in most countries. But are we missing out on any of the goodies because of our inclination to pure hemp oil extracts? We are here to understand what it is that marijuana derived CBD does better than hemp derived CBD and this isn’t a hemp CBD Vs cannabis CBD contest. Read on…

Cannabis & Hemp: Same But Different

Both the plants are part of the same family of herbaceous plants. Although they share a boatload of similar traits, there are differences between them as well.

The hemp plant has its seeds, stalks and flowers that are all used for different purposes. The seeds are for cosmetics and food, the stalks can be used as a building material and the flowers are harvested for their Cannabinoid content. The content is what makes hemp much meeker than cannabis!

Hemp plant contains very little of the THC and a high quantity of the CBD or cannabidiol. The THC percentage is as little as 0.3%.

What CBD Derived Marijuana Does Better?

The marijuana on the other hand has a more potent mix of cannabinoids. This allows for a much more effective entourage effect, one that boosts the overall benefits of the drug and make it better rounded. The CBD potency of CBD from marijuana is also more pronounced and more fast acting compared to its hemp cousins.

But, the problem lies in this…

The THC content in marijuana derived CBD is as high as 30% and there is no known filtration method that can bring down that number. The unusually high THC amount is what is keeping it away from most consumers although it is more effective in its use. The Farm Act passed in 2018 has officially given the green signal to hemp and its derivatives, but marijuana is still under the guise of Scheduled Class I drugs and is still deemed illegal to possess and consume!

If however, you live in a country like Canada that has more modern marijuana laws, or in states like California that allow the use of medical and recreational marijuana, then you are in luck. Or else go for the legally permitted hemp derived CBD.