How Long High Grade Hemp CBD Oil Effects Last?

High Grade Hemp CBD Oil
High Grade Hemp CBD Oil
High Grade Hemp CBD Oil
High Grade Hemp CBD Oil

High grade hemp CBD oil is growing in popularity due to its many health benefits that are very useful for treating common ailments like headaches, healing of minor wounds and burns, muscle and joint pains etc. This was made possible with the US Farm Act of 2018, it legalised the cultivation of hemp plant strains that have less than 0.3% of psychotropic THC for therapeutic and medical purposes. One common doubt among CBD oil consumers is the length of time its effect lasts and the purpose of this article is to clarify this doubt; read on to know more.

CBD Absorption In Body

Before discussing the absorption of cannabidiol (CBD), bear in mind that there is no standard dosage for its products and this is because of the difference in physiology of people. Also, the whole amount of CBD that you consume is not used up by the endocannabinoid system (ECS). When you consume CBD oil orally, it will be first broken down in the gut, absorbed into the bloodstream, and then there is the first pass metabolism by liver enzymes where it is broken down into metabolites. Some of them are usable and others are unusable, the latter ones are excreted.

The amount of usable CBD metabolites are bioavailable to the body and the ECS. It produces the therapeutic and medical benefits associated with it. Of these, the excess is stored in the fat cells and gradually released to be used by the ECS, and its effects last for days. Above all, there are multiple factors that affect the bioavailability of high grade hemp CBD oil and they are listed below.

  • Method Of Consumption: The intake method of cannabidiol (CBD) products including CBD oil affects its bioavailability. For example, vaping is considered to have the highest bioavailability because it directly enters the bloodstream. Next comes CBD oil tinctures. They are consumed sublingually where it enters the bloodstream through the tiny blood vessels under the tongue. In these two cases, CBD bypasses the first-pass metabolism that happens in the digestive tract and hence more of it is available for the body and ECS. However, the advantage of oral consumption of CBD oil is that its effects last longer than sublingual consumption.
  • Weight Of The Individual: Weight is one of the most important physiological factors that have a serious impact on the effectiveness of CBD oil. This is because it is very much connected to the metabolic rate of the person, as well as the overall health. A heavier person requires a higher dose of CBD compared to a person of lower weight, to feel the same effects. Also, heavier people will have more fat cells in which the excess CBD metabolites will be stored and gradually released to be used up by the ECS; because of this, they will experience the effects longer.
  • CBD Dosage: The higher the dosage of CBD oil, the more of it will be absorbed by the body. This also depends on the cannabidiol potency or concentration of the product; higher the potency, higher the bioavailability of CBD product and vice versa.

The Amount Of CBD Oil To Be Consumed

Similar to the dosage, there is no standard or recommended amount of high grade hemp CBD oil to be consumed. It is generally advised to begin with a fairly low amount, i.e. 25mg of CBD oil twice a day, then increment at 25mg every 1 or 3 weeks. It is always important to consult with the physician before consuming CBD oil, as this will help you to ascertain the dosage. Furthermore, all the reputed brands will provide detailed guidelines regarding the consumption on their product label and following them will ensure that you get the maximum health benefits.

The Onset Time Of CBD Oil

The onset time or the time it takes to feel the effects of CBD oil depends on multiple factors like the CBD content, potency, dose, severity of the symptoms, weight of the individual, state of health or pre-existing medical conditions etc. However, the most important one is the method of consuming CBD oil. In oral consumption of high grade hemp CBD oil, it will take up to 1 hour to start feeling the effects and it can last up to 6 hours.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

As mentioned earlier, the excess of CBD metabolites from the CBD oil will be stored in the fat cells and will be gradually released. So, the duration it lasts in your body and how long you feel its effects depends on the fat content in your body. The higher it is, the longer CBD stays in your system and vice versa.

We hope that the aforementioned details about consuming high grade hemp CBD oil did help you to understand about the duration of its effects.