CBD Product Testing And How Improper Testing Affects You

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Organic CBD Oil
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Any product in the market, be it foodstuffs or electronics, are only as good as their testing. If the testing aspect is out the window, you will be graced with products that are downright unsafe and dangerous to use. The case is no different for CBD products.

The CBD market has blown out of proportion in the last few years, and the official green signal by the federal government has only further fuelled the growth. People’s perception about CBD has grown from silent resentment to outright praise, and the revenue numbers don’t lie. In the year 2019-2020 alone in the United States, the CBD industry reportedly raked in an unprecedented $1 billion in revenue. This just goes to show that the CBD industry is here to stay!

Even though CBD hemp was considered legal at a federal level, one aspect that remained foggy was the regulation and safety protocols, which surprisingly are still not set in place. The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration, still hasn’t roped in the idea of what needs to be enforced. Due to this, there are plenty of CBD manufacturers that don’t follow strict regulations and safety standards.CBD testing is absent in many of the small establishments.

The Risk Posed Due To Slack Regulations

Hemp plants are doused with pesticides and insecticides, in a bid to keep off bugs and pests. Fertilizers are also mixed in with the soil so as to nourish the plant and further increase the crop yield. However, the safe limit that is considered permissible is still not in play. The toxins and contaminants that make their way in the body, when using unsafe and poorly tested CBD products pose an immense health risk.

Some manufacturers also rush in with the extraction process. The CO2 extraction method is considered at the helm of quality extraction methods, but the high initial cost of machinery is what dissuades these manufacturers from it. Instead, they go for lower quality extraction methods that yield sub-standard results with the final CBD products littered with toxins and contaminants.

Chances Of Organic Contamination

The case is of contamination is true for CBD, just as it is for any other organic product. Microbes can make their way into natural supplements, and result in the formation of microscopic molds that is persistent with the raw plant that needs to be bulk transported over a long distance.

A mix of all of these lapses brings forward an unseen risk for consumers. It is by far important that special care be taken by the respective authorities to rope in the wrongs, and also for consumers to make an educated decision after prior thorough research. See this blog for more information on natural hemp extraction.