Can CBD Cause A Drug Test Failure?

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Drug Tests

CBD is a cannabis-derived compound that is known to have several medicinal benefits. In addition to their medicinal applications, the psychoactivity of some of the compounds of the cannabis plant is also widely explored.

Does CBD cause a drug test failure? Read on for the answer.

Why Are Drug Tests Performed?

Drug tests are performed to detect the presence of drugs if any in one’s body. Who is required to take drug tests? Some companies will require their employees to take periodic drug tests, and people in the sporting profession are supposed to undergo drug tests. Sometimes the police may instruct you to undergo a drug test in the event of an accident to find out if you were driving under the drug’s influence.

Some of the common drug tests are:

Urine Tests

Also known as urine drug screening, a urine test is non-invasive, and is performed to detect some drugs when the body gets rid of them through urine. The urine sample collected from the individual is tested to find out if he/she has been using any illicit drugs like marijuana.

There are different varieties of the test with varying complexity.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are performed using the blood samples collected from the individual to find if he/she is on cocaine, amphetamines, or opiates.

Blood tests can detect marijuana use but the reliability is low. THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that blood tests check for. It will only remain in the blood for 6 hours after marijuana use in most people.  So a blood test might fail in finding out if a person has used marijuana 6 or more hours before the sample collection.

Saliva Test

It is almost impossible to cheat on a saliva test as one can hardly mess with the saliva sample. The sample is directly collected by the person on duty unlike in the case of a urine test.

Saliva tests are non-invasive and often give reliable results.

Hair Follicle Test

Hair follicle tests are perfect for finding out if a person has a history of drug abuse. It can find out if one has used marijuana in the last 90 days, or more.

Can CBD Cause A Drug Test Failure?

The drug tests screen for THC and not CBD. Does that mean using a CBD product will never cause a drug test failure? Well, a positive drug test result is possible even when you have used a CBD product. It is the THC content of the product that is to be blamed for.

As per legal regulations, cannabidiol products are to be derived from hemp plants and their THC contents have to be less than 0.3%. Although this minimal THC percentage cannot give you a high, it could cause a false positive drug test result. To avoid the possibility, use zero THC cannabidiol products.