What Is My Ideal CBD Dose?

CBD Dosage Calculator
CBD Dosage Calculator
CBD Dosage Calculator
CBD Dosage Calculator

There exists no definite answer to the question in the title as many different things contribute to the dose. So, when wondering how much cannabidiol to consume daily, you should consider the following factors. We may not have a CBD dosage calculator yet, but these details may help you to discover it.

Your CBD Product And Way Of Consuming It

There are numerous forms of cannabidiol products in the market, and there is a way to consume each of those. The bioavailability that CBD vapes, capsules, tinctures, and other edibles offer is different. That is to say, some forms of CBD consumption will result in the cannabidiol in those products kicking in faster than others. That means you will have to choose the dose on the basis of how you plan to take it into the body.

Your Health Condition

This point would apply if you wish to consume cannabidiol to treat a particular health issue. It is worth noting that you can consume it for general health and wellness purposes as well. Even in this case, you should stick to a dose to avoid overusing the product or overspending on it.

The fact is that most people use cannabidiol to treat some health issues. If you are also doing it, then it would be wise to talk about it to a health expert or medical professional. Usually, starting with a dose of 5 to 10 milligrams of CBD is a good option for common health issues like depression and anxiety. That is not to say the above dose range will suffice for the health conditions, but it would not adversely affect you.

Consider noting down the changes you experience through that dose, at the same time as increasing it to find the best dose. This trial and error strategy may not work if you plan to use it for a more serious health issue. For instance, consulting a doctor having experience in this matter will be a better idea to find the appropriate CBD dosage for stroke victims.

Your Weight

This is another factor that can affect the optimal cannabidiol dose for you. That means you can discover your starting dosage through that weight and the severity of your health condition. There are some online platforms that can help to have a rough idea about it through those factors. You will have to increase that calculated estimate to discover the right quantity of CBD to have per serving through trial and error.