What Factors Affect The Purity Of CBD Oil?

Benefits Of CBD
Benefits Of CBD
Purity Of CBD Oil
Purity Of CBD Oil

‘Famous and young’ would be the right tagline for CBD. CBD products have entered the markets only in 2018, when the US Farm Bill put it in the list of agricultural products and legalized its production and sale. Within a time span so short, the CBD market has witnessed surprising growth.

The cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD) is found in almost all the plants of cannabis family, but the Farm Bill only mentions CBD derived from hemp plants. The product options in CBD have diversified over the years, and the demand is motivating many people to get into business.

CBD oil is a famous CBD product choice appreciated for its high bioavailability and easy availability. Many factors affect the purity of CBD oils and they are:

Method of Cultivation of Hemp Plants

The mode of cultivation of hemp plants has a lot to do with the quality of the CBD oils. Organic hemp farming offers better quality of CBD extract because the use of chemicals and fertilizers can affect the CBD content in the hemp plant.

Cultivating hemp indoor or in greenhouses will help in checking the intervention of pests, and the low pest attack frequency will eliminate the need for pesticide use.

Methods of Extraction

When it comes to extraction of CBD from hemp stalk, you have multiple options available and all of them cannot guarantee equal amount of purification. As of now, CO2 method of extraction is regarded as the best CBD purification method that promises high level of purity of CBD oil.

Heating liquid CO2 to a particular temperature converts the liquid into supercritical state, which is used in CO2 extraction. This method leaves behind larger molecules like omega 3, chlorophyll etc and retains terpenes and essential oils in the extract.

The Additive Profile of the Oil

To be frank, CBD oil is not a flavorful option, and not everyone likes its raw taste. CBD manufacturing companies add taste enhancers, coloring agents, and solvents to the CBD oil to make the texture and taste more appealing. It is also common for the CBD oils to come with added preservatives intended to increase the shelf life of the oil.

Addition of inappropriate additives can compromise on the purity of the CBD products.

The Way You Handle It

You cannot always put the blame of an unsatisfactory CBD experience on the manufacturers. Improper handling by the users can lead to the contamination of the CBD oils, which is why companies recommend the storage of CBD oils in a cool and dry place.

Learning the factors that can affect the quality of CBD oil can inspire the users in paying a bit more attention while selecting a CBD product and using it in the right way. Once you have your hands on some premium CBD oil, read this blog to learn about the safety of vaping CBD oil.